Sally's Merch

Find the Sally collectible to satisfy your inner 'zombie' cravings: Tops, PJs, Mugs, Bags, magnets, stickers, and more.

Multimedia collage

Sally Shirts for all

Sally Shirts for all

Find the shirt to satisfy your inner zombie. 

Sally's mugs and Cups

Sally's mugs and Cups

Need a new Teacup or coffee mug? Well, look no further.  Sally... 

Sally's Stickers, patches, and other paper products

Sally's Stickers, patches, and other paper products

Hey fleshie, have you always wanted a little Sally on your computer,... 

  • Sally on The Monster Channel

    You don't know where to find Sally the Zombie Cheerleader; she lurks around The Monster Channel. See her shows here and catch her in the official Monster Channel chatroom.

    The Monster Channel 
  • Sally on OSI74

    Sally as joined forces with the great and powerful Mister Lobo. You can find Sally's show on OSI74. Come join us on Roku.

    Sally on OSI74 
  • Sally on YouTube

    As always, catch Sally the Zombie Cheerleader premiers and archive of shows on YouTube.

    Sally the Zombie Cheerleader 
  • Sally on The Vortexx

    Did you know Sally's shows are on the Vortexx? And don't forget to check out the other horror-hosted shows. Stay for a while, and make some popcorn.

    Sally on the Vortexx 
  • Cinema Insomnia on Twitch

    Sally can be found lurking around Cinema Insomnia's Twitch channel. Click the link and join the fun.

    Sally on Twitch